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    An electrician isn't an opinion former, but a graphic designer is. My argument is that all graphic designers hold high levels of responsibility in society.


    Ember for Apple Watch

    People don’t use a product because of the great design.

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How things really work

The last time somebody pointed out that cowboys ride horses, not tricycles, I shot him. Of course, I waited until another gunslinger gunned him down, but nevertheless, I still shot him.

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    Less time shopping means more time Doing Things, so we created Slides Framework. It’s built to impress!

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    Video calls

    Many months of experimentation and trial and error in order to bring out the best visual metaphors.

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    Ideally, the icons should blend so well into your next project, as if they’re custom-designed for you.

Information is cheap

It’s quicker to hate on a design picking out all the little things that should have been done than to just do something great yourself.

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    Meet quick

    Do you validate other people’s markup? Yes? You’re an asshole.

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    No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.

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    Now that we can do anything, what should we do?